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Why become a member?

  • Quick and Easy

    We like to keep things simple, and we believe that we can help save our members the hassle of placing sometimes costly ads online and in newspapers to little or no effect.

  • Reasonable and Affordable

    Registration and membership to EYJA is free and you can start using our service without having to complete your profile in full. For our added value features there is a small annual subscription fee of £15.

  • Simple and Personal

    Our search system is easy for everyone to use, and members can filter potential candidates using a wide range of options. Members also have the ability to personalise their profiles, as well as add other members to their 'Preferred' list.

  • Growing and Innovative

    As we grow we aim to introduce a number of new, exciting and useful features for the benefit of our users. After all, we said that we like to keep things simple, and we like to keep things up-to-date.

How it works

EYJA is an efficient, one-stop, no-frills portal that connects PAs (carers) in search of employment with employers looking for that perfect match. Using our simplistic online portal, members are connected to a network of PAs in search of employment and prospective employers in search of PAs. The EYJA network saves you time, money and the unpredictability of advertising through traditional media. Potential employees and employers can filter their options and save time in dealing with...

1 Complete your profile
2 Search ASSISTANTS/PA users
3 Contact the candidates
4 Find the match

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